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Hudl Focus Outdoor Sports Camera

Your hands-free outdoor camera is here.

No cameraperson, no problem. Bring Hudl Focus Outdoor to your stadium this fall.

This auto-tracking sports camera is built to record, upload and livestream outdoor football and soccer events all on its own.

Follows the action without the need to manually pan or zoom

One-time, simple installation

Multiple livestream and broadcast options

Record HD film from the perfect angle.

This outdoor sports camera is permanently mounted at your field for the best view possible. And its real-time player tracking follows the action automatically to make sure you never miss a big play.

Take advantage of complete Hudl integration.

The Hudl Focus app gives you total control.

Recording starts automatically based on your team schedule in Hudl.

Automatic uploads make your post-game review easier than ever.

Software updates are sent straight to your camera so you'll never miss a new feature.

Streamline your instant replay setup with full Hudl Sideline integration.

Hudl Football schedule

Access film through the Focus Exchange Network.

Automatically receive film from any game played in front of a Focus camera, whether you're at home, on the road or at a neutral site—no more traveling with a camera setup.

Hudl Focus camera live stream

Stream your stadium with flexible options.

With Focus Outdoor, you can stream directly to YouTube for a free solution that doesn’t charge your followers. Or send your video to any broadcast software so you can choose if you want to monetize it.

Hudl Focus outdoor camera
Hudl focus football scoreboard

Always know the score.

Focus displays the scoreboard in your video frame, giving the game context you need for film review sessions and for your livestream viewers.

Rain or shine, it’s weatherproof.

Focus Outdoor can withstand the elements without a hitch.

Save time on game day.

Coaches can focus on what matters most to them—coaching.

One solution for every team.

If they’re playing in your stadium, they’ll get quality video of games, practices and scrimmages.

Add Focus to your lineup.

Contact us to learn how to secure your Hudl Focus Outdoor camera.