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Team feedback, simplified.

Online analysis, distribution and communication platform.

The ability to quickly communicate is what sets the best clubs apart from the rest.

Personalized and targeted analysis.

Quickly share personalized analysis with targeted groups via filtered playlists and in-app messaging tailored for team-wide, group or individual communication.

Customizable playlists

Automated reporting

Interactive video commenting

Hudl at Sydney FC

How Video Analysis Helped Fuel Sydney FC's Winning Culture

Access content anywhere, anytime.

A centralized video library streamlines the way you share team analysis, track loan candidates and potential recruits and analyze players throughout the academy.

Set permission levels

Take administrative control

Monitor usage from a single account

Hudl at Amiens SC

Using Video to Build the Future at SC Amiens

Connect analysis and coaching.

Hudl integrates with Sportscode and our collection of online, offline and real-time analysis solutions, offering flexibility within your coaching process.

Flexible Sportscode integration

Output reports connected to video

Get more out of your workflow with these connected analysis solutions.

On-demand video analysis services provided by Hudl’s experts.

Code live from anywhere on
an iPad.

Performance analysis for
professional teams.

Instant replay for teams
using Sportscode.

Collaborate at speed and scale.

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